Mauer '61

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Berlin, 1961. In the early morning hours, a whole city wakes up to a radio announcement that changes everything: Overnight, the GDR government erected a wall between East and West Berlin. Families are separated, the liberty to move and cross the borders lost, a city is divided. The play is based on the true story of Günter Litfin, the first person who tried to flee the GDR after the Berlin Wall was built.

Runtime: 50 minutes


Director - Morghan Welt

Production Manager - Jack Brocklebank 

Stage Manager - Gillian Weston

Lighting Designer - Cillian O’Donnell

AV Designer - Aoibheann Moriarty

Costume Designer - Keziah Keenan O’Shea

Sound Designer - Marcel Matys

Publicity - Saul Sherrard and Clara Raventos

Composer and Conductor - Saoirse Miller 

Producer - Sean Loughrey 

Props Master - Daire Kelly


Kenneth Hudson - Guenther

Tristan Spellman - Juergen

Leah Reinhardt - Hannah

Erica Price - Margret

Gracie Shearer - Anna

Doug Morrison - Thomas

James Agnew - Peter

Micheal Lucey - Policeman/extra

Ilya Semple - Policeman/extra

Content Warnings

Flashing lights, violence, murder, suicide, mental health issues, weapons