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The apocalypse is not necessarily a global catastrophe, horsemen, trumpeting angels, fire and brimstone. Sometimes the end of the world is a very personal, private and everyday thing. It comes at that hour of early autumn dusk, at that minute when the light has already gone, but the darkness has not yet fallen. The stories here take place in that one long minute.

Runtime: 130 minutes


Director - Chloe Naomi

Stage Manager -  Rebecca Moore

Assistant Stage Manager -  Molly Fahy

Lighting Designer - Conor McLaughlin

Lighting Operator - Hannah Bevan

Sound Designer - Chloe Naomi

Sound Operator - Sapphire Guilfoyle

Set Designer - Chloe Naomi

Props/Sets Team - Kim Morrison, Caoimhe McNally, Mark O'Connor, Sneed Ryan & Rebecca Moore

Costume Designer - Paris Ediagbonya

Hair/Makeup Artist - Tessa Croke Photographer/Videographer/Sound Engineer - Ben Kirwan Projection Designer - Chloe Naomi

Projection Operators - Kim Morrison & Caoimhe McNally Marketing - Rebecca Moore & Chloe Naomi


Niamh Mullarkey - The Accordionist/Narrator

 - Him

Saorla Fenton - Her

Emily White - The Old Man

Ciara Leahy - The Old Woman

Noella Nglinshutty Ntambara - The Watched One/The Sandman

Seán Egan - Friend #1/The Young Man

Danny O'Grady - Friend #2/The Story Collector

Amélie Clonan - Tina

Content Warnings

Death, Kidnapping, Murder, Guns, Knives, Violence