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WELCOME ALL CRYPTIDS! If you have sighted Mothman please tell him to come home, he's been away for too long. We need to talk. The TNSA (Totally Not-Suspicious Agency) has just promoted office-worker Preston to field agent, working with his new partner, the legendary hunter Thaddeus. The two of them have been pining for each other for months, and this seems a dream come true. However, after a fatal error on a mission to capture a Mothman, the two must weigh their loyalty to the agency vs. their loyalty to each other. With a conspiracy theorist, a power-hungry leader, a hoop-snake, and the titular Mothman in the mix, can the two of them make the right choice? Find out in the musical dark-comedy that THEY don't want you to know about!

Runtime: 140 minutes


Director - Daire Kelly

Composer/Musical Director - Peter McMahon

Playwright - Colm Ryan

Production Manager - Faye O’Reilly

Stage Managers - Alexis Rendel and Alison Landy

Lighting Designer - Shauna-Anne Lynch

Set Designer - Lina Pousso

Sound Designer - Harry Pender

Costume Designers - Lauren Kelly and Rosie Joyce

Producer - Oisín O’Reilly

Publicity - Gelsey Beavers-Damron

Props Master - Odhran Exton


Niamh O’Farrell-Tyler - Preston

Peter Crighton - Thaddeus

Carla Moran - Barbara

Alice Hennessy - Mothman

Kate Feehily - Rodriga

Claudia Mosca - Jacob / Ensemble

Megan Flynn - Alistair / Ensemble

Freddie Fallon - Charles / Ensemble

Devasha Solomon - Bessie / Ensemble

Alexis Rendel - Renesme / Ensemble