The Last Wolf In Ireland

5 Last Wolf.png


Noah has recently contracted lycanthropy. At twelve o’clock tonight, he will forcibly and violently transform into a wolf. Fortunately for him, he has found a nice spot in a derelict house in Stoneybatter to chain and handcuff himself until the transformation passes. Unfortunately for him, his irrepressibly positive best friend Colm has arrived unannounced to offer unwanted moral support. What follows is a spontaneous and highly comedic sleepover, which follows the boys’ physical and emotional transformations hour by hour.

Runtime: 90 minutes


Director - Rachel Thornton

Assistant Director- Ewa Grzybowska

Producer - Vivian Marino

Hair, Make-Up & Costume Designer - Lissy Vehrs

Hair, Make-Up & Costume Designer Assistant - Heather Jones

Lights Designer - Liam Schmidt

Sound Designer - Seb Kaba

Set Designer - Seán Condren Kuipers

Stage Manager - John Maher


Will Farren - Noah

Jack Donoghue - Colm

Content Warnings

Depictions of trauma, animal cruelty and death - bruising - derogatory slur - immediate shock - mentions of ableism - strobe lighting - elements of body horror and contortion - mention of guns and violence - discussion of mental health