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"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning, he found himself transformed into a monstrous vermin…” This adaptation of Franz Kafka's most famous story finds us in the mind of Gregor as he tries to reconcile his past life and his new form, as well as the stress and anxiety put on to him by his family. Blending surrealism, naturalism, music, movement, and all aspects of performance, this play will be a visual feast for the eye full of heart and raw emotion, asking the question of who is the monster after all?

Runtime: 60 minutes


Director - Gelsey Beavers-Damron 

Production Manager - Rachel Coote 

Stage Manager - Oisín O’Reilly 

Lighting Designer - Emer Tyrell 

Set Designers - Seirce Mhac Chongail and Juliet Arpaç 

Costume Designer - Daire Kelly 

Producer - Gabrielle Grzywaczz 

Publicity - Hannah Queavy 

Prop Manager - Robert Gibbons 

Music Production - Grace Kem 

Assistant Stage Manager - John Kevin Malone 

Costume Assistant - Jenny Maguire 


James Agnew

Grace Doyle Flaherty

Samuel Ferrie

Julliette Mattair

JP O Brien

Faye O Reilly

Content Warnings

Ableism, abusive language, staged violence