We Dance

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Written as an ode to Ntozake Shange’s “For Coloured Girls”, we dance is the creation of the voices of six black women and their stories. It is an expression of love, confusion and growth and is a love letter to black women.

Runtime: 65 minutes


Director - Praise Titus

Producer - Niamh Scully

Hair, Make-Up & Costume Designer - Jodie Doyle

Lights Designer - Liam Schmidt

Sound Designer - Genevieve Antwi – Nuamah

Set Designer - Naomi Fotenos

Stage Manager - Lydiah Kagwi


Siobhán Matshazi

Tishé Emmanuella Fatunbi

Usher Titus

Glyn "Odi" Anyanwu

Erica Tarfa

Content Warnings

Discussions of sexism, racism, sexual violence, abortion and parental trauma