The Beauty Queen Of Leenane

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In a dingy cottage in Leenane, a remote part of Galway, spinster Maureen lives with her self-pitying, ruthless, hateful mother, Mag. Constantly at her beck and call, Maureen takes revenge by feeding her lumpy Complan and hurling the occasional insult. Escape comes in the form of Pato Dooley, who is about to go to Boston. When Mag interferes once too often Maureen decides the time has come to break free — in a very violent way.

Runtime: 145 minutes


Director - Saoirse Carey

Assistant Director - Jack Carey

Producer - Heather Eogan

Hair, Make-Up & Costume Designer - Aimee Murphy & Luke Duffy

Lights Designer - Tessa Brewer

Sound Designer - Seán Meates

Set Designer - Praise Titus

Stage Manager - Usher Titus


Saoirse Conroy - Maureen

Caoimhe Kavanagh - Mag

Michael Bergin - Pato

Cormac Gilligan - Ray

Content Warnings

Graphic descriptions of violence, torture, domestic abuse, elder abuse, fake blood and injuries, scenes of a sexual nature, discussions of mental health issues, verbal and physical abuse and murder. Mentions of ableism, racism, fatphobia and xenophobia. Show contains flashing lights with loud and sudden sounds.