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Macbeth is known as one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. Making its premiere in 1606, it centers on the themes of what it means to be human, the different relationships that can occur between the good and the evil, a drive for power that blinds all who encounter it, the threat that comes along with innocence, and justifying what is truly the right thing to do. 

Runtime: 140 minutes


Director - Jillian Kenny

Stage Manager - Emer Kenny

Lighting Designer - Hannah Bevan

Lighting Assistants - Órlaith Nic Cába, Nessa O'Connor

Sound Designer - Sapphire Guilfoyle

Costume Designer - Ashley Behrend

Costume Assistant - Fleur van Den Heuvel

Props Designer - Julia Twalmey


Nora Kuzdak - Macbeth

Kelsey Rich - Lady Macbeth

Mark O'Connor - Macduff

Darach Gallagher - Banquo/Hecate/Young Siward

Noella Ngilinshuti Ntambara - First Witch/ Gentlewoman

Neal McHugh - Second Witch/ Messenger

Niamh Mullarkey - Third Witch/Ross

Ethan Kaya - Malcolm/First Murderer

Brian Cahill - Duncan/Second Murderer/Doctor

Brian O'Hanrahan - Lennox/ Third Murderer/ Seyton Emma-Jane Culleton - Sergeant/Donalbain/ Servant/Lady Macduff

Seán Egan - Angus/Fleance/Porter/Young Macduff/ Siward

Content Warnings

Flashing lights, violence, murder, suicide, mental health issues, weapons